The New Best Seller

Splenda is in fact the new comer to the sweetener market. However Splenda has taken over the that market, and seemingly overnight too. The yellow packets can now be found almost anywhere food or coffee is served.


I really wonder how they settled on using the pastel yellow for their packet. It was no doubt a good choice. Together with the blue, it is a noticeable and attractive combination.


Color is the first thing we see when we make our choice. Pink has for a long time meant saccharine, blue has meant aspartame, but if it's yellow, you best read the ingredients. Seems that competitor's have used this color (like Sugar Twin) to pawn their assorted sweetener wares, while riding on the success of Splenda.

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That attractive color combination has obviously not stayed with the product, as it crossed the big ditch into new markets. Look above at Britain's icky mustard yellow translation.


The makers of Splenda have seemingly chosen to market their product under the same exact brand name globally. A wise choice I would think. This is not the case with the aspartame base number two. The makers of that product have chosen to market their sweeteners under at least nineteen different brand names globally.